RH / RV / RVS Roof Fans


  • Wolter roof fan units are suitable
    for mounting on different roof types

Types and design features

There are two versions available:

  • RH with horizontal discharge for the exhaust of mildly polluted air
  • RV with vertical discharge for the exhaust of more heavily polluted air


  • RH up to size 500, the cowl is made of salt-water proof aluminium, from size 560 onwards, the cowl is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel
  • RV housing is made of salt-water proof aluminium
  • RVS with built-in sound attenuation hood


The backward-curved impellers are mounted directly onto the rotor of the external rotor motors. The motorised impeller unit is balanced in two plains according to G 2,5 (DIN ISO 1940.)


Speed controllable external rotor motor, protection class IP44 (up to size 310L) or IP54 (from size 355), moisture-proof impregnation, thermal contacts mounted in motor winding.