RH / RV / RVS Roof Fans

Electrical Connection

The motors are connected to a terminal box of protection class IP54, easily accessible after disassembly of the cowl.


All fans are delivered ready for installation and are packed in separate boxes or crates. We recommend the use of matching Wolter roof sockets. If other roof sockets are used, dimensions given should be followed to achieve proper sealing and avoid air-leakage.

Fan performance curves

The performance curves for these roof fans have been tested according to DIN 24 163. The curves indicate the static pressure increase ∆pst (static, free outlet) as a function of the volume flow. The reference air density is 1,2 kg/m³.

Sound levels

The sound data was measured according to DIN 45 635, part 38. The figures shown in the performance curves are the A-weighted sound power levels (LWA) in dB(A). They are equal to the free outlet sound power level LWA8. The catalogue data is valid for RH-type fans. In order to obtain the noise levels of RV series fans, reduce listed noise levels by 2 dB(A). The free inlet sound power level LWA5 can be calculated by the following approximation formula: LWA5 = LWA - 3 dB

If sound protection measures require exact calculation, it is important to know the the sound power level of the octave band: LWokt = LWA + LWrel

The A-weighted sound pressure level at the outlet side can only be approximated, since environmental conditions will affect noise levels. LPA = LWA - ΔL

The actual noise levels will vary, depending on system characteristics such as reflexion, resonant frequencies or structure-borne noise transfer.