GAES / GADS Garage Extract Fans


  • duct housing made of galvanized steel with standard duct flanges on inlet and outlet
  • two direct driven fans with backward curved impellers, balanced for
    smooth operation
  • impeller with built-in external rotor motor with thermal contacts for motor protection
  • both fans are completly seperated according to garage regulations, fan outlet fitted with backdraft dampers
  • models for 230V/50 Hz and 400V/50 Hz available
  • 100% variable speed controllable
  • ready for installation with a separate terminal box for each motor
    Determination number

Design features

Duct fans combine the advantages of axial fans, i.e. straight airflow and easy
installation, with those of the radial fans, such as high pressure stability, low
noise level and high efficiency.


Profile and plastic corners made off reinforced with glass fiber PA Polyamide.
Covers made off galvanized sheet steel with inner sound absorbing mat off concealed mineral wool.

Motorized Impeller

Backwards curved radial impellers made of sheet steel or plastic. The impellers are fitted directly onto the rotor of the external rotor motor. These units are ballanced at two levels according to G 2.5 of DIN/ISO 1940.

Electrical connection

The motors are wired to an external terminal box.