TNF / HNF / TNQ / HNQ Centrifugal Fans


  • TN/HN direct-driven fans are single-inlet fans
  • for light industrial applications
  • are used to convey clean or lightly polluted air and non-aggressive gases
  • permissible temperature range of the conveyed medium is -30°C to +60°C.



The housing of the fans is made of galvanised sheet steel. Painted or powder coated casings are available.

  • TNF. / HNF. - type fans are fitted with a B5 flange motor (fan sizes 160 - 280). The side plates and the scroll plate are joined together by a standing seam. The mounting feet are screwed to the fan casing.
    The discharge orientation can therefore easily be changed in steps of 90°.
  • TNQ. / HNQ. - type fans feature a square side plate (fan sizes 200 - 630) that allow the installation of a B3 foot motor. The side plates and scroll are riveted.

The designation of discharge orientation and direction of rotation correspond to the Eurovent guideline from 1975. The direction of rotation is seen from the drive side. When ordering, please indicate the exact discharge position.


All fans are equipped with standard IEC-motors of flange or foot type. Protection class IP55, isolation class F. The permissible ambient temperature range is -20°C to +40°C. Up to motor size 100, voltagecontrollable motors are available.