CHEM, Chemical-Resistant Centrifugal Fans


  • high-efficiency impellers, reliable, maintenance-free
  • excellent corrosionresistance
  • high-quality backward-curved centrifugal fans
    with superior performance
  • low noise emissions
  • different materials 
  • all fans are tested and rated in accordance
    with DIN 24163 and ISO 5801



 The fan casing is either made from

  • thermoplastics such as PP, PVC, PE, PVDF or
  • glass-reinforced polyvinyl-ester material GRP or FRP.
  • the casing is formed as a true spiral and has a high-efficiency inlet cone to ensure an even distribution of air over the full width of the impeller

The models CHEM 125 - 250 are completely made of injection-moulded plastic and can be operated in either LG or RD rotational sense. The plastic injection-moulded backplate or inlet cover can easily be removed in order to change the direction of rotation or for maintenance purposes. Fan casings with outlet flange are fitted with a chemical-resisant seal to prevent air leakage. The standard casing material is PP.

The casings of types CHEM 315 to 400 are either made of GRP material or vacuum-formed and machine-welded. The plastic injection-mould backplate can easily be removed for maintenance and service purposes. Thermoplastic fan casings with outlet flange are fitted with a chemicalresistant seal to prevent air leakage. The GRP fan casing has a round outlet. Suitable flexible connectors are available.