AXV / BXV Axial Flow Fans


  • Compact unit size
  • low sound emissions
  • high efficiency
  • high performance
  • blades fully adjustable during standstill

Types And Duty Range

Wolter Axial flow fans can be used for various applications in ventilation and process air technology. Standard diameters range from 315 to 1600mm, with airflow rates of up to 200.000 m³/h at static pressure increases of up to 1.500 Pa. Higher pressures can be achieved by using contra-rotating multi-stage fans.

Smoke Spill Operation

The AXV range of axial fans is designed and tested to operate at standard temperatures as well as at elevated temperatures of 300°C for 60 (F300) and 120 minutes and 400°C for at least 120 minutes (F400), according to DIN EN ISO 12101, part 3. The following fan curves are valid for standard temperatures and 300°/60(120) minutes operation. To select a fan for 400°C/120 minutes operation, please contact our technical support.


Fan casings are hot-dip galvanised. Flanges are rolled, the pitch circles of holes are in accordance with DIN 24 154, R2.

  • LH - Long-cased axial fan, with external terminal box
  • SH - Short-cased axial fan

If motors require additional lubrication, tubes and grease-nipples are fitted to the outside of the fan casing. An inspection hole, closed by a rubber plug, allows to control the direction of rotation.