• low installation depth
  • ideal for many applications in air-conditioning and cooling
  • 100 % speed controllable by transformers or electronic controls
  • motor protection by thermal contacts as standard
  • easy installation in any position

Design features

The high efficiency axial fans are used where large air volumes must be conveyed against low to medium pressures. There are two housing versions available:

  • Fans mounted on a square plate with inlet cone (AEQ/ADQ) are used for general ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling applications
  • Fans with round casings (AER/ADR) are used in ducted systems of air conditioning, cooling and drying applications


The casings are made of powder-coated sheet steel.


The axial fans have aerodynamically moulded blades made from galvanised and painted sheet steel. The blades are mounted directly onto the external rotor motor. The motorised impeller is balanced in two planes according to quality level G 2.5 (DIN ISO 1940).